1 Month Everyday Promotion

We are pleased to present the long-awaited packages we have been working on for a year. These packages are for those who do not want to bother for each promotion separately.

These packages include the promotion of all your social networks, you just leave us links to all your social networks + your music and we promote it every day during the period that is indicated in this package.

These packages are great for upcoming artists, we will make sure that your music becomes popular and the number of fans on your social networks grows every day. In fact, you get your personal manager who will promote your name every day.


If you order this package, here are the results you get for 1 month of promotion:


+5000 Followers for Instagram incl Likes and Views on your posts
+1000 Likes for your FanPage Facebook
+5000 Spotify streams for your last 1-5 songs or 1 album
+5000 New Followers for Spotify
+5000 SoundCloud Plays incl Comments, Likes ans Reposts
+1000 New Followers for SoundCloud
+5000 Views for your 1-2 Video on YouTube incl Comments and Likes
+1000 New Subscribes on your channel
+2000 Streams on Apple Music
+2000 Streams on Tidal
+2000 Streams on Deezer incl Favs and Comments
+1000 New Fans for Deezer

+2000 Streams for Spinrilla incl Views and Downloads

+2000 Views for LiveMixtapes incl Votes and Comments


*Optionally, at the end of the promotion period, we can send you detailed statistics for Tidal or Apple Music

1 Month Everyday Promotion