1M Streams for Spotify (Viral Promotion)

An exclusive offer for artists who want to have not only the popularity of their album or song, but also make money on it!

About this:
How much money does a musician with a few million hits on Spotify make?

The answer is it depends. If I recall correctly, Spotify currently pays 70% of its revenue to labels and artists. The income a musician makes is proportional to the number of streams by listeners. It all depends on how many listeners decide to buy the song or the album and from what source. 1 million Spotify plays is worth about $5000 in revenue to the artist (yes just 5k) but if people buy the song on itunes the artist gets something like 75 cents per purchase. So if one person in a hundred buys the track that would be 10,000 sales or 7500 dollars.

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Order execution time: 5,000-10,000 Streams in day.


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1M Streams for Spotify (Viral Promotion)

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