We provide a unique verification option for our customers who have over 100k Followers in Instagram, get the cherished ''Blue Tick''. Initially, Verified was only available to public figures and celebrities, music and film artists, but thanks to us, your account has a chance to pass verification. At the moment Verified gives a great advantage in promoting the account and attracts much more attention than simple accounts without blue tick. This is a useful tool for attracting a new audience, as well as a good business card for your brand.


How this work?

Our manager will prepare your account and the necessary information to ensure that you are 100% approved and verified. Please note that this is an official request to Instagram, so your account will be legally registered in the Instagram database. Attention: After receiving Verified, You can change your bio, URL and picture anytime. However, if you change your @handle you will lose your verification badge. The process of obtaining the Blue Tick takes from 2 to 3 months due to the heavy workload on the inspection department.
If you need more information, please contact us.


Official request and consideration of the application within 2-3 months.


24/7 Support

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Instagram Verified (Official Request)